Enhancing Devotee Experience at Ayodhya Railway Station with Wilyer Digital Signage

Transforming Ayodhya Station: Wilyer's effective software solutions enriched the Ram Mandir inauguration experience for the devotees
Published on
July 1, 2024

Digital Enlightenment: Wilyer's Digital Signage Transforms Ayodhya Station for Ram Mandir Inauguration

On January 22, 2024, with the grand opening of the Ram Mandir, the spiritually and culturally rich city of Ayodhya marked a historic moment. This event not only drew the attention of millions nationwide but also welcomed a vast influx of pilgrims and visitors to the city, eager to witness this monumental occasion.
In anticipation of the high visitor traffic, Ayodhya Railway Station, a key transit point, implemented an advanced digital signage solution from Wilyer. The aim was to handle the massive crowds efficiently, ensure smooth communication of travel and event information, and enhance the overall devotee experience with live spiritual content.

Key Challenges: Handling the Digital Signage Needs During Ram Mandir Inauguration During the Ram Mandir Inauguration

  1. Live Streaming for Special Events or Occasions: It was necessary to facilitate the live streaming of key events or occasions at Ram Mandir across various displays along with the ability to organize and oversee broadcasts remotely.

  2. Securing DOOH Network: Establishing a secure connection is important for reliable advertisement display on Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network screens and also, safeguarding it against potential threats and ensuring uninterrupted service.
  3. Proof of Play Reporting: Playback reports, which serve as proof of play for DOOH campaigns and guarantee transparency and accountability in the delivery of advertising, must be given to the customers.
  1. Railway Data Integration: Integration with railway data is essential to display critical train statuses on screens, complementing advertisements with timely and relevant transportation information as per brand requirements.

Innovative Solutions: How Wilyer's Digital Signage Streamlined Live Coverage at Ayodhya

  1. Live Streaming Implementation: Wilyer enabled RTSP live streaming of significant events at Ram Mandir, allowing these broadcasts to be shown on screens across railway stations for visitors to view remotely.

  2. Unified Dashboard for Screen Management: Wilyer’s campaign manager CMS consolidates all screens into a single dashboard, streamlining the process of connecting and managing display content. (Link with the feature -)

  3. Playback Reports Accessibility: The playback reports feature in the CMS allows for the downloading and sharing of detailed campaign reports with clients, enhancing transparency and client communication.

  4. Enhanced Content Display through CMS: By utilizing the Web Page Widget from Wilyer CMS, the Shri Garmia Advertising DOOH Network team can integrate mixed content on screens, increasing their visibility and effectiveness for advertising purposes.

A Spiritual Mission: Wilyer's Role in Enhancing the Devotional Experience at Ayodhya

The primary aim was to use Wilyer's digital signage to make the Ayodhya Railway Station a place that was engaging, communicative, and spiritually enriching. The purpose of this project was to increase public awareness of events or occasions and foster a sense of involvement, particularly among those who were unable to visit the temple due to massive crowds and some security reasons. The goal was to improve everyone's experience by utilizing Wilyer’s latest digital signage technology, which would promote increased engagement and a sense of community. The objective was to give people a way to stay informed and engaged through creative displays, enhancing their spiritual journey and creating a deeper bond with the occasion.

Measurable Success: The Impact of Digital Signage on Ayodhya's Ram Mandir Inauguration

  1. Visitor Engagement: 50+ screens across the station displayed live streams and real-time travel information, reaching thousands of visitors every minute during the inauguration period.

  2. Operational Efficiency: The ability to manage content remotely led to a 30% reduction in manual operations, increasing efficiency.

  3. Advertising Revenue: Advertisers capitalized on the high footfall, with the DOOH network experiencing a 40% increase in ad plays and engagement, translating into significant revenue growth.

“We used Wilyer’s Digital Signage Software at Shri Garmia Advertising DOOH Network and I can’t tell how smoothly they’ve added live darshans to our Ayodhya Railway Station screens and making the visitors happier. The easy-to-use dashboard and detailed reports have made talking to clients and running things smoother. Wilyer’s Digital Signage Software is really a game-changer!” - Ashish, founder of Shri Garmia Advertising DOOH Network.

Choosing Wilyer: Strategic Advantages of Our Digital Signage for Your Business

The success at Ayodhya Railway Station highlights Wilyer’s capability to enhance public spaces with digital signage solutions that are both dynamic and responsive. For any entity looking to improve communication and engagement in high-traffic areas, Wilyer provides scalable, secure, and effective digital signage solutions designed to meet diverse operational needs.
Let Wilyer assist you in creating a place that doesn't just share information, but also brings people together and gets them involved, no matter where they are.

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