On-premise Digital Signage Software CMS for Enterprise

Wilyer: Secure On-Premise Digital Signage CMS. Host content locally and maintain control & security.
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Key Features of On-premise
Digital Signage Software

Offline Content Support

Ensure uninterrupted display with powerful offline content capabilities.

Sub-user Access Control

Engage audiences with real-time updates through live stream widgets.

Live Stream Widgets

Manage permissions seamlessly with sub-user access control.

Content Scheduling

Enjoy versatile compatibility with multi-OS support.

Remote Screenshots

Ensure uninterrupted display with powerful offline content capabilities.

Multi-OS Support

Automate and optimize display timing with advanced content scheduling.

Cloud-based Digital Signage vs. On-premise Digital Signage

Discover the best Digital Signage Software for your business
Cloud-based digital signage software manages and delivers multimedia content through the internet to digital screens.
On-premise digital signage software is a solution that is installed on the local servers within your business.
Access and Management
Remote access and management, reducing local control.
Localized control over hardware and data.
Relies on external servers; security is dependent on the cloud.
Enhanced security within local networks.
Limited customization compared to on-premise solutions.
Greater customization options based on specific needs
Data Storage
Data stored externally, potentially raising privacy concerns.
Higher data privacy:
Sensitive information stays on-site.
Cost Structure
Lower initial costs, pay-as-you-go model for scalability.
Higher upfront costs, and long-term predictability.

How does On-premise Digital
Signage work?

On-premise digital signage operates by hosting the CMS, allowing
businesses to control the system within their own network.

Secure IPServer

Ensures data security through a robust on-premise secure IP server

Fast Content Load

Efficient content delivery through on-premise
digital signage using local IP networks.

No Recurring Cost

Zero recurring costs with on-premise digital
signage software for businesses.

Full Data Privacy

Guaranteed full data privacy with on-premise digital signage software solutions.

3 easy steps to deploy digital
signage CMS on-premise

Configure Signage Server

Source Windows/Linux PC for digital signage software server setup.

Install Signage Players

Install the Wilyer Signage Player App on the selected OS and Point to Local Signage CMS IP.

Pair on Local Network

Seamlessly pair screen over enterprise local network with end-to-end encryption.

Learn how Digital Signage Software
is Transforming the Industries

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS in Banks

Security: Protect sensitive data.
Compliance:Adhere to regulations.
Customization:Tailor content for branding.
Reliability:Operate independently.
Cost Efficiency:Long-term savings.

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS in Hospitals

Patient Data Security
EHR Integration Compliance
Real-Time Health Updates
Personalized Patient Experiences
Reliable Healthcare Operations

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS in Corporate

Business Data Security
Corporate IT Integration
Real-Time Operations Monitoring
Tailored Branding Solutions
Reliable Business Uptime

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS at Airport

Flight Data Security
Airport System Integration
Real-Time Operations Updates
Customized Passenger Experiences
Reliable Airport Management

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS in Manufacturing Facilities

Secure Operations Control
Efficiency Compliance Accuracy
Production Line Integration
Customized Workflow Solutions
Reliable Uptime Management

Benefits of Digital Signage
CMS in Restaurants/QSR

Inform guests about services, events, and promotions.
Mouth-watering dishes on display
Updated menu and pricing in real-time
Enhance dining experience
Efficiency in the process

Seamless OS Compatibility

Works seamlessly across various devices and operating systems.
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Alternatives to On-premise
Digital Signage Software